I recently obtained a Sony Rx1 but need money for more important things at the moment. For sale is a mint Sony Rx1. It is is perfect functional condition and manual focusing does work. It comes in original packaging with an extra battery and charger set as well as a gariz half case. Pictures will be uploaded later today. Price is $1000. +3% for paypal
_DSF0010.jpg  _DSF0011.jpg  _DSF0012.jpg  _DSF0013.jpg  _DSF0014.jpg  _DSF0015.jpg  _DSF0016.jpg  _DSF0017.jpg  _DSF0032.jpg  _DSF0033.jpg 
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Hi There, 

I know its been awhile since you posted your sony rx1 for sale here, but wondering if it's still available? 


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