Steve Huff Admin
Hello all. This new BUY AND SELL forum is in BETA so there may be issues and bugs. Give it a go if you like. 


1. You can only list photographic gear for sale. Cameras, Lenses, Bags, accessories, etc.

2. No dealers. Only private sales. 

3. Never send paypal as a gift to anyone here, for your own protection. We are not responsible for any bad deals made here. Be smart, be careful. 

4. NO SPAM. Spam = BAN.

ALSO!!! When you make a post it will NOT show up instantly. DUE TO SPAM, I must approve EACH post. So I can only do this when I am online and see a post was made. It may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to show up. BUT ONLY POST ONCE. If you keep posting, when I delete one it will automatically delete them all. POST ONCE!!!
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