This camera is in great condition and perfect working order.

The body is in beautiful shape with no scratches or dings, just typical user marks.

The LCD is clean and has no scratches or marks.

It has a new sensor and it’s been completely CLAd at Leica New Jersey.

It comes complete with all the original packaging and accessories, including 2 bateries and a original silver Thumbs Up.

This camera has been well cared for, I bought it brand new a few years ago and it has performed flawlessly.

$3800 + Shipping

Let me know if you have any questions.

mono-8216.jpg  mono-8218.jpg  mono-8221.jpg
mono-8222.jpg  mono-8223.jpg  mono-8225.jpg  mono-8226.jpg  mono-8232.jpg   

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This camera has been sold. Thank you for looking.
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