Up for sale three beauties due to back to one body one lens goal:

1- Leica Apo 90 mm f2 (11884) $2,850 Net:
Box, papers, clean glass always used with filter.     This is latest version, 6 bit coded.   Asking $2,850 net to me.  
I very occasionally use this lens, so priced to sell.  Very good condition.  

2- Leica M-P 240 Titanium Body + Leica 28mm Summicron Titanium Lens: $12,000  Net - Almost New

This is a beauty.  These are from a limited edition set Leica M-P 240 titanium and titanium Summicron 28mm lens latest model ASPH 11672.  

Original set includes Apo 50, but I will keep that beauty.   So it is not included.  

Barely used, never registered, still in gray box.  I purchased this 3 months ago at an impulse to move to smaller footprint, traded some old equipment.    All original box, accessories will be included.   Retail price of full set is $22,500!   You are not only getting a limited set, that will keep its value, you are also getting function here.  It weighs lighter than regular MP240.   

If you want to buy individually, let me know.

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